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Zero Division’s Engineers Attended the Top Gear Festival at Bushy Park, Barbados

Zero Division provided a bespoke installation of the Boxx TV Zenith system for the Top Gear Festival in Barbados at the newly renovated Bushy Park racetrack on 14th and 15th of May 2014.

After carrying out the initial site surveys and advising on the installation of the wireless solution inside the card; Zero Division engineers were able to calibrate four Zenith systems for best performance along with providing on-site support throughout the event, providing a comprehensive and reliable RF solution for the Festival.

The Top Gear Festival is a live show staged to tens of thousands of visitors, to bring the TV show format to a live audience. It was also the first time a Formula 1 car had appeared on the island. The show was produced by Melville Productions in the Caribbean

Zero Division’s client, Black Flag, supplied the cameras installed in the interior of the cars, and the customised Boxx TV Zenith system was used to capture the stunts and the action, including the in-car views.

The cars tipped, turned, and went into wheelies, while the Zenith systems provided a stable live feed throughout and transported the signals from the transmitters on the presenters’ BMWs, with experienced engineers from Zero Division on hand.

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