How can I open an account with Zero Division?
What is required before my first hire proceeds?
Can I “pencil in” equipment or make a provisional booking?
How do I confirm my booking?
When can I collect the equipment I am hiring?
How do I pay for my hire?
What if I need to cancel a booking?
What if I need to return my equipment early?
What information does Zero Division require on the insurance paperwork submitted by clients?
What if equipment I’m hiring gets lost or damaged?
Do you hire to companies outside of the UK?
Do you have on-site support?
Can the Boxx Meridian Video Assist system be used for a Teleprompter signal?
Can Zero Division offer systems in frequency bands other than 5GHz?
What is the range of the Meridian system?
How many Meridian MK2 systems can be used in the same environment?.
How do you mount your wireless transmitter onto the camcorder?
Can your systems be used with the Red and Alexa cameras?
Can Meridian accommodate a 1080/25p signal? If yes, does this include 30/50p?
What mounting solution would you recommend for the following camera models: SONY HXR-NX5, SONY HVR-Z5/Z7, SONY PMW-EX3, SONY PMW-EX1R?
What is the maximum transmission distance?
What is the latency?
What frequencies are used?
Can I manually select a channel/frequency?
What are the power outputs for each channel?
Does the power output affect the transmission distance?
Can I transmit from one TX to multiple RX?
Is CW-7 compatible with CW-5HD?
Can I have multiple multi-cast systems in one area?
Can I send multiple signals to one RX?
What are the compatible formats and frame rates?
Does the CW-7 transmit audio?
Does the CW-7 transmit time code or meta data?
What are the power requirements?
Can you send camera control signals through CW-7?
Can the CW-7 transmit through walls?